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Olivia felt Justin’s hands on her shoulders pushing her back down on to the bed submissively.

“It’s time for breakfast,” he drawled taking his cowboy hat off.

She giggled, “you’re going muff diving?”

“Y’all can call it whatever you like, but I aim to make you cum, and cum again.

Olivia giggled as he forced her back on the bed spreading her legs wide, her smooth outer lips smiling welcoming his kiss, her inner rose wet ready to ride or be ridden.

She felt his tongue dance over her spread outer lips, kissing her softly, his lips warm, on fire. His mouth softly kissed her and sucked his warm tongue darting deep into the soaking wetness of her English rose.

Olivia felt herself tingle as she moaned softly arching her back rhythmically like a wave moving her swollen clit back and forth against his lips.
She felt him take her clit into his mouth, sucking her as the tip of his tongue flicked over her button.

“Oh yes. That’s it just there.” Wow, she felt the tingle, the throb of her clitoris between her legs!

“Yes!!” She groaned thrusting her chest up arching her back, rotating her hips until her clit rubbed against his hot lips.

She felt the rough skin from his left-hand move across her belly over her abdomen to crush her breast. His fingers squeezed her nipple until she moaned biting her lip. Her hands moved up over her head feeling the cool pillow, her fingers clasping excitedly.

He nibbled hard sending her into a spasm of contractions as he pushed a finger up into her warm English red rose. He wiggled his finger from side to side, curving it up to touch her g-spot. His rough hands intensifying the sensation.

Olivia groaned “Fuck yes,” as she felt him sliding his finger in and out. Then she felt him stretching her as he added a second, then a third finger wiggling as he rubbed her slippery inner wall. His thumb rubbed her clit, driving her wild sending her into squirming convulsions, as he stimulated all her erogenous zones, but one.

She felt the convulsions flowing, erupting through her body as she clutched the pillow, her head thrown back panting.

“Ohhhh, ohhh.” She cried as he opened her toned legs wider, his free hand moving under her rotating buttocks, until his little finger touched her sacred taboo hole sliding slightly into her tight ass.

He was rimming her softly, licking his fingers prodding her insides. His fingers simultaneously touching her clit, ass, and g-spot. She wiggled as he rubbed her slippery inner wall sending her into squirming convulsions.

He was a wrangler taming his mare as he stimulated all her lower erogenous zones.

“Oh, yes. Yes! Please don’t stop, Ohhh Fuck, finger fuck me,” she moaned.

He thrust three fingers into her, stretching her tight vagina, as her toes touched him, moving down to feel his prick.

Olivia, saw colors move before her eyes, as she exploded like a firecracker dribbling into his mouth!

“Hum-mm!” She came again convulsing sensitive to his touch.

She arched juddering and stiffened her hands coming down to his head clasping at his short, disheveled hair pulling him to her as he took her clit into his mouth sucking harder.

“Fuck,” she groaned exploding again, arched, shaking moaning, her warmth rising tingling as his tongue and fingers reamed her licking her, touching her, sucking her clit in rhythm to the thumping country music from Justin’s condo next door.

She was uncontrollably trembling tingling with soft emotions “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh.”

She pulled him up towards her kissing him as his cock touched her wet open inner lips “Fuck It…” she whispered hoarsely, “I want you now.”

She felt the damp straining head of his cock hot against her outer lips; he paused as he gently kissed her raising her left leg over his shoulder.

She tilted her head and watched as he pushed relentlessly into the wet waiting warmth of her English rose. He slid in until his shaft was buried, and his tight balls touched her inner thighs. He began to ride her rhythmically as his head bent to kiss her lips softly.

“Deeper, harder. Ride me, cowboy; I need you to touch me deep inside.”

Olivia felt the head of his dripping rigid penis stretching her engorged outer lips as he slid in and out of her picking up the pace. She felt his shaft swollen with desire penetrate her hot wet rose. His fiery length was burning with lust; he was rock hard. He kept sliding in and out of her, stabbing her, filling her until she felt him satisfy her completely, his balls touching her soft white inner thighs.

His pelvis bone rubbed against her mound of Venus crushing her clit, as she wrapped herself around him moving in unison. “Fuck, you feel great inside me.” She groaned, gasping for air, panting as they proceeded together in rhythm with each penetration.

“Ohhh. Yesss, yes.” She felt herself cum again softly at first then growing into an explosion, her toes curled.

“I want to cum deep inside you, give you my sperm.” He huskily drawled.

“YES! Yes, cum deep inside me,” she exploded around him, wet like a river gushing in the spring.

“Ohhh yes.” Olivia collapsed convulsing with joy. She giggled and rolled over under him moving up the bed until her hands were on the headboard.

“Your turn.” She said wiggling her butt seductively, “you earned it, just be gentle.”

She raised her body thrusting her perky ass high into the air for him. Kneeling she felt the warm wet head of his dripping penis touch her taboo hole; stretching her tight ass, entering her puckered butt hole slowly, then picking up the pace.

She was molten, hot fiery and tight, a furnace of desire. Justine’s swollen cock rimming her with animal passion. His burning length was teasing her, then sliding into her, penetrating her, filling her until she fully submitted to him.

“Fuck, you feel huge inside me.” She gasped, moving in soft, slow rhythm squeezing him with each thrust.

His lips closed on her shoulder, biting her neck as she turned her head, their mouths met tongues entwined, her soft lips searched for his. He paused kissing her deeply then pushed deeper into her burying his scorching hot rod in her warmth, he pulled back and drove hard up into her. His strong hands were roughly pinning hers against the bed.

“Yes, fuck me like a stallion.” She groaned as the head of the bed started to bang against the wall.

He was panting, grinding into her, groaning, grunting, puffing, biting her neck then he paused pulling her hair back jolting her head. She arched her back until her hair fell back onto her shoulders.

“Fuck me… Yes, ride me! That’s it, deeper, punish me I’ve been bad,” she gasped, with each thrust her smooth, silky butt squeezed his firm hardness until he was buried to the base of his thick throbbing rod. She gasped as he withdrew, then he thrust again into her slippery wet ass, over and over.

He groaned “Yes you bitch; I’ll ride you until I cum.” He pushed deeper into her juicy taboo butt. His left arm clasped around her neck, pulling her back as he pumped…. Buy the book on Amazon

In the background thumping out melodiously from Justin’s townhouse the words of a song echoed, “Save a Horse. Ride a Cowboy.” *

This erotic Romantic insta-love, smut, Amazon Kindle short story contains: strong woman, oral, ménage, taboo, anal, hot Sex, coed, erotica, exhibitionism, that may well be, too hot for the faint hearted!