Subject: Rugby Players!

So excited to share!!!

New Quickies Book in the works by Dusky & Skye LeRock. Subject: Rugby Players!

Do you like rugby? Have you ever watched New Zealand and Fiji rugby players get ready for a match? If not, it is a must see before you dive into our new Quickies release featuring fan favorites from our previous Quickie books.

Back story:  The history of Haka, is sports teams, especially the New Zealand rugby team, do a traditional war cry and war dance called Haka to challenge the opposing team before the game.

Check out “All Blacks 7s Haka Compilation”, then check back here often for the release of our new Quickies book.

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to me;  healthy, ripped, tattooed, gorgeous, strong rugby warriors will make you tingle in your G-spot and/or make you stand at attention!  Pun intended! OMG!!  Feel the energy, feel your blood pump, you’ll want to drop your shorts and let them cumm running.

Back to our new release; Tiffany, one of our oh so beautiful, slutty and adventurous characters from Party Sexcapade comes to our fictional rugby match in England and seduces her way onto their private jet after their explosive game. Tiffany does not one, not two but 7 of our fictional gorgeous rugby warriors. You can anticipate tons of vibrating hard-core action from their mile-high rendezvous. Stay tuned, we can hardly wait to do our vigorous Maori War Dance with vocal accompaniment shouting in ecstasy.

While you wait, take these for a test drive and think about those rugby players cumming your way!

Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY

Erotica, Erotic, romance, mystery, ebook, Giveaway, UNTAMED BLACKMAGIC, THE BAJA EMERALD, Paradise Series, Dusky Skye LeRock, Dusky LeRock, Skye LeRockA paradise retreat, an eloping couple held to ransom, a race to save the day. A fast-paced action-packed sexually explicit, deliciously filthy graphic ‘black magic’ adventure.
When the Mega Yacht Emerald Seas, the Contessa Del Castello and the Baja Emerald go missing in the Sea of Cortez a race to find them starts a chain of wickedly naughty erotic events in this romantic short story, action, and adventure, mystery thriller.

In celebration of Dusky and Skye LeRock 2018 new erotica romance eBook releases.  We have decided to do a Valentine’s day Kindle eBook Paradise Series GIVEAWAY!

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You Will Enjoy This Series If You fantasize about strong women, bondage, sexually charged taboo Ménage à Trios’, steaming interatrial sex, sun, sea, sand, and three wicked handsome rags-to-riches gigolos.
Contessa Del Castello and the Baja Emerald go missing. Find out all the sexy graphic details in this short erotic, action adventure, thrilling mystery that takes place aboard the Mega Yacht in the Sea of Cortez.

Wet your appetite with this Hot Steamy Erotic Excerpt from Authors Dusky and Skye Lerock’s New Release THE BAJA EMERALD Available Now on Amazon Kindle – Free with KindleUnlimited


She awoke to the sound of footsteps clanking on steel deck followed by the spinning of the locks to a watertight secure bulkhead door…  Continue reading “Excerpt: THE BAJA EMERALD”


You Will Enjoy This Series If You fantasize about tall handsome cowboys, who will ride you through the night. Strong independent sensual women, and creating new beginnings from the ashes of broken promises.

Enjoy a Sneak Peek excerpt of Cowboy Sexcapade from Dusky LeRock & Skye LeRock erotica Romance Amazon Kindle Authors Writers of smutty Erotic books.


Olivia felt Justin’s hands on her shoulders pushing her back down on to the bed submissively.

“It’s time for breakfast,” he drawled taking his cowboy hat off.

She giggled, “you’re going muff diving?”

“Y’all can call it whatever you like, but I aim to make you cum, and cum again.

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Coming January 2018 – Cowboy Sexcapade

You Will Enjoy This Series If You fantasize about tall handsome cowboys, who will ride you through the night. Strong independent sensual women, and creating new beginnings from the ashes of broken promises.

Dusky and Skye LeRock will release Cowboy Sexcapade on Amazon Kindle in January as part of the Quickie Series.

Skye and Dusky LeRock write explicit steamy erotica; sexy romance, short stories filled with Sizzling hot erotic intrigue. Smoking hot action & adventure that will make you tingle all over. Great Kindle eBooks, and audio reads for your vacation holidays.

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