NEW RELEASE: Weekend Sexcapade!

“The swinging party in the heart of Kensington you wish you would have been invited to.  Voyeurs and hot sex in abundance, must read!”

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A sex-crazed foxy buxom coed named Nicole, two sizzling hunky strangers and a bisexual best friend Sophie.

Nicole, a voluptuous green-eyed blonde with a sexy foxy attitude, buxom nature, and her college friend Sophia, a smoking hot sophomore with smoldering amber eyes, are looking for fun. A gift of a sinfully sweet baby doll negligee and an unexpected surprise lead to a “Weekend Sexcapade.” Jake,  smoldering hunk of muscle, whose intense smoky eyes will strip away your inhibition, while Bjorn a Swedish god of hotness, a ripped, blue-eyed goosebump-inducing hunk of a man will make your tummy stir with desire.

You Will Enjoy This Series If
You like a hot, heavy fling with a ripped pair of male strangers, and two gorgeous women. A deliciously absorbing, and erotic sexy weekend escapade.

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