You Will Enjoy This Series If You fantasize about strong women, bondage, sexually charged taboo Ménage à Trios’, steaming interatrial sex, sun, sea, sand, and three wicked handsome rags-to-riches gigolos.
Contessa Del Castello and the Baja Emerald go missing. Find out all the sexy graphic details in this short erotic, action adventure, thrilling mystery that takes place aboard the Mega Yacht in the Sea of Cortez.

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She awoke to the sound of footsteps clanking on steel deck followed by the spinning of the locks to a watertight secure bulkhead door… 

“Wow!” she thought, those punks had bound her with her leather straps.  It was all part of a fantastic sensual, carnal game they had been playing together.  They had tied her to the daybed, next to the bar, naked spread-eagled, tightened the restraints as she squealed submissively in glee and ravished her way beyond her deepest, darkest, dirtiest dreams.

She had watched the stars twinkle over their shoulders as they took her repeatedly, till she groaned in total submission.

Then they gagged and blindfolded her, tied her up with rope, her arms trussed like a chicken behind her back.  With nowhere to go, she had laid on the bed till dawn.  Then as fingers of light stretched out from the eastern sky they had come like coyotes for their prey.  She could hear them circling, their bare feet padding on the teak deck, see glimpses of their bare feet from under the blindfold.   “What more could they want?” she thought they had, had it all, and then some.

She struggled to her knees submissively on the bed waiting.  She felt the bed move as a body lay down beside her, from the musky odor and the glimpse of a hairy chest she knew it was Antonio.

She felt hands on her body oiling her every crevice, exploring her smooth cunt, probing her taboo love ring, kneading her breasts.   They lifted her over Antonio; she felt them lower her on his thick oiled prick.  She slid over him like a glove as his massive oiled prick entered her slowly, slithering like a snake deep inside her as her cheek rested on his silver cross.

Antonio glided into her wet vagina, sliding in until her inner thighs rested on his, their pubic bones touching.  He thrust forward his slim hips rotating his eight-pack abs tightened thrusting forwards as he targeted her g-spot with the crown of his colossal cock.

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She felt his rigid warmth, as he probed her, then felt him touching her deep inside, “Ohhhh.”  She began to shake, tingling, flickering as she felt his head nudging her g-spot.

Cool hands touched the small of her back; a finger probed her butt as oil dribbling between her cheeks.  Then she felt the pulsating tip of a massive cock brush across her ass.  Slowly it entered her love ring the oiled head tickle her taboo hole; she relaxed as he pushed forward sliding in rimming her.  The head of his fantastic cock, sliding, teasing as it began its throbbing beat.

She was slippery from the oil, warm, and wet at the same time, her muscles squeezing him, closing on around him, he could hear her breathing, he could feel Antonio moving inside her as their cocks rubbed together caught in her love canals.

The Contessa moaned.  “Ohh, fuck me harder in the ass, harder yes, that is how I love it.”  She screamed as she encouraged him to thrust deeper.  “Yes!  That’s it; I need you both to touch my belly button from the inside.”

He thrust hard, deeper into her smooth, silky oiled fabulous ass, ramming deep into her as she screamed through the gag.


Her firm round buttocks jiggled, wobbling to his thrusts as she wrapped around his probing hardness until his balls touched her banging against Antonio’s buried to the base of his thick rod.  She gasped as he and Antonio withdrew, and thrust again and again deep in to into her wet pussy, and dripping oiled ass.

Sandwiched between them, two cocks like pistons pounding in and out of her, over, and over, and over again.  Plunging she could feel both cocks tearing her apart stretching her forcing her to submit to their throbbing boundless thrusts.  She was teetering dangerously between pleasure and pain.

“Fuck, yessss,” she screamed into the muzzle panting struggling to breathe.

She felt him spank her butt cheeks hard, “whack, whack.”

“Ohhh,” she bit her lip straining against the gag feeling the stinging sensation spread.


“Ohhh,” she moaned as she felt him lean forward and wrap his left arm around her neck pulling her head back lifting her of Antonio’s chest.

A hand reached slapping her face, then removed the gag.  She gasped for air as a cock rammed into her mouth.  She felt the balls hit her lower lips as hands clasped her head pulling her hair, curving her up his prick filling her deep in her throat.

The three-hole punch was all too much; she came as a fire exploded burning, shaking from her head to her foot convulsing physically as the three gigolos came ejaculating in her like a river.  She felt them thrust deeper filling her with their hot cum from all orifices, then judder pulling out to cover her in creamy hot sperm from head to foot.

A callused finger touched her cheek, pulling her back from the memory of shameless pleasure and pain.  The old man of the sea was staring at the red embossed cross on her cheek as his index finger traced the outline.  Emotion racked her as she burst out crying, his arms wrapped around her in a fatherly embrace.

His deep reassuring voice whispered, “it is a sign.”

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This erotic, romantic, action and adventure, story by Dusky LeRock, Skye LeRock, Dusky Skye LeRock contains: strong woman, billionaire, ménage, oral, taboo, bondage anal, hot Sex, erotica, exhibitionism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, group fun, interracial erotica that may well be, too hot for the faint hearted!