Seven a Side by Dusky LeRock, Skye LeRock

An erotic romance round robin rugby grinding orgy of fun packed with alpha males, insta-love, locker room sex and more
Seven a Side a Sizzling Hot Erotica Book - Quickies series book 4, ebooks on Amazon Kindle– Erotica adventure FREE with Kindle Unlimited
An erotic romance. Wild hot grinding rugby sevens packed with alpha males, insta-love, locker room sex and more…

Wild Alpha Rugby Males? ✔ 

Hard Throbbing Haka’s? ✔

sizzling hot erotica?  ✔

HEA Ending ✔ 

“This book rocked my world… Breathtaking!” – Erotica Lit Chick Blog

SEVEN A SIDE, the fourth book in the Quickies book collection of sizzling hot erotica romance thrillers from authors Skye LeRock and Dusky LeRock.

This wild grinding alpha male packed explosive short story takes place at the World Rugby Sevens Championship at Twickenham.  Steamy sizzling hot erotica insta-love leads to Haka-raising wild growling, fantasies that will grind your erotic fire into an explosive end.

Tiffany drools over the steamy instant-love haka’s till she comes in a raw tribal alpha rugby male fantasy.


She feels, the beating raw carnivorous strength of their tattooed chiseled bodies pinning her under their probing cocks.

“Oh, fuck,” she moans for all to hear.  Her ecstatic groans and sighs lost in a multitude of clashing, exciting sounds.

“Wur-thump,” the All Blacks stamp their feet defiantly.

She moans lustfully wobbling up against Cassidy.

She imagines, their engorged bodies wildly ravishing her, taking her without remorse.  They engulf her together with their magnificent cocks throbbing against her body, twitching dribbling cum.

She feels, her lips wrapped around hard cocks.  Hands and fingers probing through her hair.  Fingers and cocks pushing in her fine ass.  She gasps groaning as her hand’s clasp, wrapped, rubbing thick cocks.  Her heart thunders in her ears building up to a trembling heated explosion.

The crowd begins to stomp as Tiffany collapses, orgasaming to the ground, her red dress riding high up her smooth soft thighs revealing her lacy red knickers.

Tiffany trembles moaning as she feels, hot thick cum exploding into her body, over her face and breasts.  Warm strings of thick sticky cum cover her.  Her orgasm explodes buzzing through her tingling body, hot butterfly kisses caress her trembling nerves.

Cassidy leans casually over Tiffany’s quivering body, tipping her Stetson hat she whispers.

“Save a horse, ride a Kiwi!”

Cassidy collides with two rippling hot alpha male tattooed bad boy rugby forwards in a hot and icy, spanking BDSM locker room encounter.

Ethan and Willow rock the boat in this erotica romance fun quickie carnival of sexy rugby player tumbling scrummage of fun.

Tracy and Stacy two lively London girls, twins with ponytails try a bit of MMMF and some MMMMF scoring multiple rippling hot touchdowns, before they win the game.

Explosive Sex!
Sizzling Hot Erotica !

Dylan the cowboy from Phenix falls in love with Olivia his Oxford sweetheart.

Chiseled abs, alpha males, rugby, Haka’s, and dominant girls make for an intoxicating read.

The Quickies series of erotic book characters ruck, tackle, and maul there way through this engaging red hot read.

Steamy locker room sex.  Powerful, sizzling hot erotica, sexy babes ride hot rippling hard tattooed alpha bad boys groaning into action.

You will enjoy this book if you need a quick fun humorous electrifying insta-love read.

HEA guaranteed.



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Wild Alpha Rugby Males? Hard Throbbing Haka’s? HEA Ending ” SEVEN A SIDE, sizzling hot erotica romance short storie from authors Skye LeRock and Dusky LeRock. Steamy insta-love leads to Haka-raising fantasies that will grind your erotic fire into an explosive end. Read an Excerpt





You Will Enjoy This Series If You fantasize about tall handsome cowboys, who will ride you through the night. Strong independent sensual women, and creating new beginnings from the ashes of broken promises.

Enjoy a Sneak Peek excerpt of Cowboy Sexcapade from Dusky LeRock & Skye LeRock erotica Romance Amazon Kindle Authors Writers of smutty Erotic books.


Olivia felt Justin’s hands on her shoulders pushing her back down on to the bed submissively.

“It’s time for breakfast,” he drawled taking his cowboy hat off.

She giggled, “you’re going muff diving?”

“Y’all can call it whatever you like, but I aim to make you cum, and cum again.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Rugged Innocence (The Road Book 1)

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Read a short excerpt – RUGGED INNOCENCE Exclusive Sneak Peek from Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock authors of erotic short stories.

A fast-paced erotic action-packed sexually explicit, deliciously filthy graphic adventure. Smoking HOT tattooed bad biker erotica!

Alex felt the stubble on her breasts; she arched her back pushing her chest out at him.  He moistly kissed her small pert breasts, roughly nibbles her nipples one by one, as his flickering tongue licked her wetly down to her bare belly. His mouth was both soft and rough at the same time.  His stubble was scratching her everywhere like fine sandpaper, his lips softly kissing, while his tongue probed, licking softly.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she said, running her fingers through his hair.

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First look: Untamed Blackmagic

If you're looking for something erotic, kindle, short story. This naughty e-book, will set your imagination on fire and make you vibrate all over in the right places!

Please enjoy this sneak peek from Untamed Blackmagic by Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  A descriptive erotic book with an underlying plot! Fun read! By Lisa’s Book Reviews

“When Brad and Ashley go on vacation and run into John and Jane, who are there to elope, an elaborate blackmailing plot is discovered. This erotic mystery unfolds along with plenty of descriptive, adult play time.
Adults only and 18+”

Ashley a blonde, sex kitten likes a bit of spicy black magic, & Brad a dark, hunky friend with benefits take a vacation to Jamaica…

What could possibly happen?

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Dusky and Skye LeRock are married and in love. They write explicit steamy erotica. Sexy romance, short stories filled with sizzling hot intrigue, smoking hot action & adventure that will make you tingle all over.

They specialize in instant-action. The ‘Quickie Series;’ dark, steamy sex with total stranger’s! The ‘Road Series;’ Bad boys with tattoos, ready to ride you to places you’ve never been. Escape to ‘Paradise;’ Sizzling with steamy hot intrigue, action-packed erotic adventure, in exotic locations, sure to release you from your pent-up stress.

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