NEW RELEASE: Party Sexcapade

A high society party in the heart of Kensington brings an erotic group of revelers together for a night. Embrace your inner voyeur for an ‘erotic slam’ night. A teasing social dance of love, oozing with sex and dripping with long-legged eye candy, and smoldering gypsy sexiness. Bad boy Jessie has his wicked way as his Oxford sweetheart Olivia enjoys a surprise. The chemistry between Willow and Ethan boils over, burning with carnal desire as they watch. A Pandora’s box of sensuality.

Choice Descriptor
Six smoking hot strangers who lose their inhibitions at a party leads to forbidden intense, steamy sex. A delicious, sensual, breathtaking story with sexually charged voyeurism.

You Will Enjoy This Series If
You fantasize about a sexually charged one-night-stand, relinquishing control, and controlling others while watching partners pleasure their sexual desire in an erotic party sexcapade.

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