21 Erotica Romance eBooks that will Spice up your Reading list

Spice up your sexual desires with these 21-erotic romance, smutty, well written, seductive reads.  We recommend 21 Erotic romance authors who have mastered the art of erotic reading seduction.  eBooks and books with irresistible alpha males, and dominant females that will pamper your erotic reading desires.

Sex sells.  Long before Fifty Shades of Grey, sex and BDSM made many literary appearances.  Readers beat a trail to the Marquis de Sade sex slave in the Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue sadistic portraits, to Sacher-Masoch masochism portrayed in the irresistible, obsessive beauty of Wanda in Venus in Furs.

We are seduced by banned books that delved into the darker sides of our desires. We are fascinated with humiliation, degradation to provocative, and sexually explicit seductive tails with Ménage à Trios of all wickedly naughty forms.

We are obsessed moths attracted to the flame of the taboo.   Fantasies both dark and light, tempting short stories and dark, sultry reads.

We love seductive words that tingle with alluring desire that ignites the flames of passion within us. Words often softening the hardcore erotica that lies in the pages of a well-told story.

In no particular order here are our 21 erotica reads for all mature audiences.  21 Erotica Romance eBooks that will Spice up your Reading list from best dirty romance books to steamy alpha males in Insta-love Ménage stories.

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To find out more about the Authors please check out the latest sizzling erotic romance reads at their Amazon Author Pages:

Skye LeRock   US  UK

Dusky Lerock  US  UK 

You will find possessive alpha males and fiery females, steamy-hot insta-love and erotic romance that will ignite your desire?

HOT Romance - Passionate throbbing Erotica
Explode with these erotic romance kindle eBooks, books and audible books.

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THE BAJA EMERALD is now available on iTunes, Audible audio books and Amazon.

This erotica romance thriller from authors Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock is a explosive fast-paced action-packed erotic “Livin’ the Vida Loca!” thriller set in Carbo San Lucas.

Will Edwina “Eddy” Destiny the heroic Detective Inspector from INTERPOL solve the mystery case and find The Contessa Del Castello?

Will Eddy’s steamy-hot insta-love passion for David Cole blossom into an electrifying romance?

Will the Tres Amigos, alpha males groan and growl into her quaking embers or will flames on a hot fire explode till she begs for an explosive submission?

Who will ride the raging bull?

This delicious, erotica romance thriller narrated by Roberto Scarlato will make you laugh, sing, dance and reach for an Ice-cold drink to calm your raging passion.

Passionate fiery moments laced with burning hot action and thrilling rides will have you panting for more.

“An explosive adult read to get the blood flowing masterly done by Roberto Scarlato.”

We recommend this audio book for hot tingling bedtime reading, or on the beach, sipping a Mojito on a lazy quiet afternoon.

The exquisitely no holds barred smut is explosively descriptive.  The action hot and steamy, sets the mystery of the missing Baja Emerald into electrifying action.

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Nothing like hot sex in an exotic location with multiple partners. The hottest Dusky & Skye title I’ve read! Getting my erotica fix from this author.”

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