First look: Untamed Blackmagic

Please enjoy this sneak peek from Untamed Blackmagic by Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  A descriptive erotic book with an underlying plot! Fun read! By Lisa’s Book Reviews

“When Brad and Ashley go on vacation and run into John and Jane, who are there to elope, an elaborate blackmailing plot is discovered. This erotic mystery unfolds along with plenty of descriptive, adult play time.
Adults only and 18+”

Ashley a blonde, sex kitten likes a bit of spicy black magic, & Brad a dark, hunky friend with benefits take a vacation to Jamaica…

What could possibly happen?

The door opened.  Dressed in nothing but a cotton hotel robe stood a disheveled, red-faced petite blonde woman looking embarrassed as she fumbled to adjust her housecoat and tidy herself up.

“Please, come on in,” she said turning.  Her fine ass wiggled as she walked in front of the handsome Jamaican man waving at the breakfast table on the balcony “Could you please put it…  Ummm… Over there?”

He looked at the unkempt bed, saw the indent on the pillow and smiled… “Yes, Mammm…  Should I pour you a glass of champagne to cool you down,” he drawled cheekily, setting the tray down.

She turned seeing him for the first time.  He was an ebony god, broad-shouldered, tall, with a stunning physic, the vision of the man she had just been fantasizing about a few moments ago.  A massive bulge was pushing out from his white cotton trousers; she wanted to find out herself if the study was real.  “Were these gorgeous species of men massively hung in length and diameter?” She got even wetter between her thighs as she thought about how she might find out…

“Yes please,” she murmured, gazing at him blushing.  He noted she was looking at his protruding prick, he stiffened as blood rushed into his enormous shaft, his engorged head jerking, she was moving cat-like towards him, her robe, flowing as her hair spilled over her shoulders, her blue eyes shining with lust.

He took the bottle of champagne in his massive hands, placed a white napkin over his arm and tore off the metal wrapper.

“Try not to spill any of that bubbly,” she purred, “Don’t burst that cork yet, we wouldn’t want to waste any of the good stuff, now would we?”

She was standing next to him looking up at him, her sweet smell wafting in the air as the cork popped, “Champagne Mammm,” he said as his rod stiffened even harder in his trousers.  He caught a glimpse of her aroused nipples pushing against her robe.

“Yes please,” she purred slyly.  She couldn’t help herself, her hand touched the stranger’s trousers, rubbing the length of his shaft through his thin cotton pants.  “You’re so hard,” she smiled looking deep into his brown eyes as she flashed her eyelashes coyly, “how about dipping that massive black ‘Big Bamboo’ in my hot dripping, tight, white pussy?”  Her hand, feeling him through the soft starched white cotton, increasing the intensity as she rubbed him through his trousers feeling the heavy rim of his crown.  She moved her hand softly over the length of his shaft.  He was huge, thick and hard.

Oh, she was so wet, she wanted him, so aroused, he was gigantic, the massive head of his cock was as big as her fist, his shaft as thick as her wrist, she couldn’t wait for him to plunge into her.

He watched as she turned letting her robe fall to the floor, her hair softly swaying down to a small dimple showing in the small of her back, above the firm buttocks and feline v of her legs.  Her firm breasts trembled as she turned, and sat down on the bed her nipples hard with anticipation.

He stood before her unbuckling his belt, staring intensely into her radiant blue eyes as he let his trousers fall exposing his massive manhood.  It quivered, hanging down nearly to his knees, then jerked erect, throbbing as he lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his ripped six-pack abs and firm, broad shoulders.

If you’re looking for something erotic, this kindle, short story, naughty e-book,  will set your imagination on fire and make you vibrate all over in the right places!

If you fantasize about exotic tall Jamaican men, and skimpy hot long-legged Caribbean girl’s in tiny bikinis. This sexually charged action-packed dirty adventure set in Paradise will ruin you with its deliciously sizzling ‘black magic.’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ashley desires Bamboo Juice! by Avid Reader 


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