Exclusive Sneak Peek: Weekend Sexcapade

Smoking-hot! An erotic Weekend Sexcapade action will rock your socks…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Wanted to jump in the book!  by Avid Reader

“If you like a hot fling involving two ripped hunks and two gorgeous women on a weekend “sexcape,” then this title is for you. I found myself living vicariously through the characters as I read this title. Too bad it is fiction!”

“Sinfully outrageous, sexy and delicious in all the right places.  Tingle from cover to cover.”

Dusky and Skye LeRock adult weekend erotic insta-love adventure.

Jake chimed in, “By the way, she makes great coffee, she teased us with strawberries and cream, but we decided to wait for you.” His brown eyes were glistening in the sun, as he winked.

“Nicole, you look glowing today, I guess you already had your surprise?” she asked, as she bent down to kiss Nicole on the cheek. “Stretched out, are we?”  She whispered in her ear.

“Yes, thank you, it was a delicious surprise,” Nicole whispered back.  Then, loud enough for all to hear, “Pour yourself some champagne, leave room for a strawberry, then we will fill you in on all the juicy details.”.

Sophia chuckled, “Let the dessert fun begin.”

Sophia lifted a fluted champagne glass from the silver platter that was next to Nicole. She popped a strawberry into the glass, carefully pouring champagne, listening to the soft fizzle, smelling the sweet strawberry, she raised the glass to sip and sighed with satisfaction.

“There is nothing like a bit of bubbly on a hot afternoon to add some pizzazz to life,” she teased, licking her index finger suggestively.

Swirling like a model on a runway, she slowly unwrapped her summer dress, revealing her smooth, fabulous bronzed legs that stretched, and stretched right up to her fanny, showing off her white lace cheeky hipster panties.  Her breasts jiggled as she let the dress fall to the deck and gracefully stepped out of her panties.  She stood naked, with nothing on except her soft brimmed hat.  Her legs formed a teasing ‘Y’ cocktail glass just waiting for a hard lick, and solid stick.

Sophia tossed her hair back letting it float down toward the deck, seductively shaking her mane of long auburn hair that framed her shining brown eyes, her perfect nose, and soft, lush mouth.  She was stunning.  She knew it.

She strutted to the edge of the pool, her firm derrière mesmerizing the other three.  She paused looking cheerfully over her shoulder to see if Nicole was watching, she spanked her butt teasingly with the palm of her hand, as she fluttered her soft brown eyelashes mischievously.  She coyly licked her lips, letting her tongue outline her smile, winked, and dove into the pool.

Jake’s cock hardened like a rock.  Just watching her gave him an erection, he couldn’t wait to pleasure her in all the right places.

The water was cold, her nipples hardened.  Breathless, she surfaced and moved on her back exposing her firm breasts, pointing up toward the beautiful Colorado sky.  Her freshly waxed vagina begged for licking as she paddled on her back to the edge of the pool.  She rolled over, raised herself out, flicking her hair back, as water dripped off her body, beading on her breasts, and rolled down to her belly button.

Sophia reached the ice bucket; her firm nipples brushed across Nicole’s chest leaving ice cold-water droplets on her.  Nicole gasped tingling with anticipation as Sophia took an ice cube, and began rubbing it around Nicole’s firm bronzed nipples.

She sipped her champagne, catching the strawberry in her teeth, lowering her head she stared into Nicole’s green eyes. Lovingly, slowly they bit into the luscious berry together, their lips briefly meeting, Sophia licked the sweet strawberry juice from Nicole’s lips as her fingers played with the ice cube around her engorged nipples.


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