Exclusive Sneak Peek: Rugged Innocence (The Road Book 1)


Read a short excerpt – RUGGED INNOCENCE Exclusive Sneak Peek from Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock authors of erotic short stories.

A fast-paced erotic action-packed sexually explicit, deliciously filthy graphic adventure. Smoking HOT tattooed bad biker erotica!

Alex felt the stubble on her breasts; she arched her back pushing her chest out at him.  He moistly kissed her small pert breasts, roughly nibbles her nipples one by one, as his flickering tongue licked her wetly down to her bare belly. His mouth was both soft and rough at the same time.  His stubble was scratching her everywhere like fine sandpaper, his lips softly kissing, while his tongue probed, licking softly.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she said, running her fingers through his hair.

Kneeling, he reached her belly button; she felt his prickly touch.  It tingled through her body as she pulled his head to her, raising her leg, and wrapping it around his shoulders.

He lifted her leather skirt exposing her nakedness; he was right, no panties, his tongue flickering over her exposed clit.

She groaned aloud as he buried his head in her light wheat colored pubic hair, his tongue, mouth, and face, probed, kissed, and scratched her like a many-headed hydra.

She groaned, “Ahhh yes,” pushing her soft mound into his face.

His tongue, serpent-like, darting into her, his lips sucking her clitoris, flitting his tongue in and out of her wet, luscious, pussy.

She Groaned, “Yes, oh fuck yes.  Suck me, lick me, stick your fingers inside me, oh yes, deeper, harder, more!  Oh, Fuck.  Ohhhhhh,” she came, her body convulsing, her leg collapsing putting her weight on her other leg, and onto his broad shoulders.

Bruce came, his cum squirting all over his expensive leather boat shoes.  “Fuck, shit, fuck the bitch, look what you made me do!”

Alex alarmed, looked up, and saw Bruce.  His prick was standing out from below his belly, dribbling cum, down onto his shoes.  She realized he was turned on, and watching.  “The sleazy, dirty fuck,” she thought, “I’ll show him.”

Fervently she pulled Dusty up, reached down to unbuckle his belt, and eagerly unzipped his leather trousers taking his thick throbbing shaft into her hand as she guided the head of his enormous penis into her.  He was huge; he entered her filling her like a giant piston, sliding deep inside her wet vagina.

Dusty bit her neck as he thrust up into her.  Her wetness, and her warmth engulfing him.  He felt his body tingling, his balls tightening, he growled, “Cup my balls, squeeze them, harder.”  She was so hot, throbbing inside, his penis was one with her.  Thrusting he raised both her legs, in his ripped arms, lifting her up and down on his 10-inch rod, slowly at first, then increasing the thrust, penetrating her deeply with his manhood, his head throbbing with desire.  She was wet; its warmth was dribbling off the enormous head of his cock, down his leg. He stiffened and started thrusting wildly, deeply, roughly, violently pinning her to the wall as she came again screaming.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME…”  She trembled as she nibbled his ear and whispered sensuously, “Come deep inside me,” as she reached behind her leg cupped his balls again, and squeezed.

He moaned, grunted, and thrust deep inside his balls buried deep in her soft mound of Venus, his prick hitting her vagina wall, slamming into the top of her warm vagina, sending her into oblivion.

She burst into waves, “Ahhhhhh, ahhh” feeling pleasure, tingling vibrations throughout her entire body, shaking with pure ecstasy.

Dusty felt her body quivering, he couldn’t hold back anymore, he came, sperm filling her with warmth, his penis throbbing inside her, spilling out life’s warm cream.


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