Sexy New Books and Audiobooks

Sexy New Release’s from erotica romance erotic book authors Dusky LeRock and Skye LeRock.

We now have paperback books and audio books to go with our Kindle erotic short stories.


The Baja Emerald

“Drama, sex, suspense, enthralling read as Eddy uncovers the mystery of the missing Contessa and the famous Baja Emerald.”

Illicit group sex party bars exist!  Mind blowing.  Hot desire for bad gigolos in the Sea of Cortez.  Find out about the naughty Contessa who gets in trouble far more than she bargained for.”

Original storyline, mind blowing sex, leaves you wanting more!”

Untamed Blackmagic”
Mystery, intrigue, sexual encounters with multiple partners while racing against time” 

We are introduced to Brad the “bond like character” who appears again in The Baja Emerald.  Uninhibited and unattached Brad loves his work and his pleasures, nothing is forbidden in this murder mystery.”

Strong female character Caribbean beauty Pearl steers Blackmagic fearlessly on a quest to solve the extortion mystery.”


Audio books
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Untamed Blackmagic by Dusky and Skye Lerock

5.0 out of 5 stars Ashley desires Bamboo Juice!


Cowboy Sexcapade by Dusky and Skye Lerock