Rugged Inocence, Erotic, motorcycle, biker, action, adventure, Dusky Skye LeRock

You will enjoy this series if you like hot, erotic action and adventure, heavy sex, hard, up against the wall, entwined with violence, mystery, and murder by Dusty and Skye LeRock

Alex, a smoldering hot lawyer, is home for the weekend on the western plains. Alex is chilling at the ‘No Name Bar.’ Her soft eyes, so innocent and blue. Her new leathers and black stilettos, make her feel incredibly sexy. Little does she know an exciting adventure is about to begin. Dusty, a lone-wolf rugged alpha male drifter, on a motorcycle biker his rumbling fat boy burning the black tar, chased by demons, and the chaos of his past stops in for a brew. Murder, a killer on the loose. Rough, sexy, and heart-wrenchingly powerful an emotional ride that will leave you breathless.

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